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10 Crazy Pizza Hybrids That Really Push The Envelope

The pizza is untouchable and its simplicity is its greatest virtue: crispy base, delicious sauce and hot toppings. Despite the perfection of this holy trinity of flavour combinations, there have been many attempts to alter the humble dish. From insane hybrids like pizza burgers, to sweeter incarnations like the desert pizza, lets take a look at some outrageous mashups.

Pizza Hybrids

Pizza may be perfect just the way it is, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to experiment with it. Here are a 10 insane pizza hybrids.

Pizza Burger

Two classics, together at last.

Pizza bun burger need I say more • ?: Pizza Burger ?: @paulsfoodhaul | @nonstopeats ?: @meatzilla_la

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Sushi Pizza

A seaweed and sushi rice base, topped with crab, salmon, scallops, diced onions and jalapeños? Why not.


Chicken-based pizza. We’re not sure what to think of this.

Waffle Pizza

Sweet and savoury together in the best possible way.

Make your pizza on a waffle and call it a good day #MeatlessMonday #pizzawaffle

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Pizza Mac ‘n’ Cheese

So. Much. Cheese

KTOWN: ? #Pizza #MacnCheese ? #NationalPizzaDay #everyday actually

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Pizza Cone

Added bonus? No mess.

Nacho Pizza

A pizza base topped with corn chips? That’s next level weird.

Pizza Fries

Fries, topped with sauce, melted cheese and pepperoni. Glorious.

Pizza Cake

For those who aren’t really into cake.

Dessert Pizza

Because you should be able to have pizza for every meal of the day. This one is a s’mores pizza…

missing max brenner’s right about now??

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