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5 Delicious Desserts On Our Menu That You Need To Try

Here at Manoosh, we strive to be so much so more than a classic pizza shop, offering up a range of Lebanese-style wraps and pizzas, delicious sides and dips, healthy salads and fresh breads. We are particularly proud of our desserts, which range from Lebanese classics to contemporary favourites.

If you haven’t tired any of our delectable desserts, be sure to treat yourself next time you drop by. Here are 5 items on our menu that you definitely need to try!

Our halawa – photo by Insatiable Munchies

There is no better way to top off a delicious meal than with a tasty dessert. Next time you drop by Manoosh, be sure to give one of these a try!


Halawa is a blanket term for a variety of dense, sweet desserts from the Middle East, Mediterranean, eastern Europe and Central Asia. Ours is made with a delicious blend of sweet tahini, pistachios and banana enclosed in puff pastry. You can even add vegan chocolate for an extra indulgent treat!


Our halawa – photo by Insatiable Munchies

Marble Swirl

The best of both worlds, our marble swirl features a melange of delectable dark and white chocolate fudge enclosed in puff pastry.

Wild Blueberry 

Our wild blueberry pastry is a real crowd-pleaser. Featuring a delicious blend of white chocolate and wild blueberries enclosed in soft, warm puff pastry with a dusting of sugar, Spooning Australia called it one of their favourite dishes of 2017.

Our wild blueberry puff pastry – photo by Spooning Australia


While baklava is believed to have been created by the Assyrians of Mesopotamia sometime around the 8th Century BC, every culture in the region has their own special version, including the Lebanese. Ours is sweet, flaky and we have dozens of different types – each one typically includes multiple layers of super thin pastry, a filling of chopped walnuts, pine nuts or almonds, and a drizzling of honey on top.

Peanut Butter Fudge

Who doesn’t love the combination of peanut butter and fudge? Well, it’s even better when wrapped up in crusty puff pastry and served warm. Simple and delicious, we just know you’ll love it.


Our peanut butter fudge – photo by For Food’s Sake

If all this talk of delicious desserts is making you hungry, simply drop by Manoosh or order from us online to give one of these 5 favourites a try.

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