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A Look at Modern Lebanese Cuisine

There is no more popular food in the world right now than Lebanese cuisine, so whether you are fiending for a falafel in Florida or have a hankering for some hommus in Helsinki, chances are good that you have a few delicious options nearby. This article takes a brief look at modern Lebanese cuisine and what the fuss is all about.

modern lebanese cuisine

CC image courtesy of Vera Yu and David Li on flickr

If you are one of the few who has yet to discover modern Lebanese food prepare yourself for a life-changing experience, and no one puts a modern spin on an ancient delicacy quite like we do.

Fresh and healthy

Middle Eastern food has always been based on using fresh, local ingredients, so now that a lot more people are trying to eat healthier it is no surprise to see the popularity of our food skyrocket. Whether you are looking for a tasty snack, a nutritious lunch or a sit down meal that will delight the entire family, you won’t find a fresher, healthier and more delicious option than Lebanese cuisine.

lebanese pizza sydney

CC image courtesy of Charles Haynes on FLickr

Traditional yet modern

In many ways Lebanese food is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago, embracing the same techniques, tastes and traditions. Spices such as za’atar date back to the time of the Pharaohs while our use of ingredients such as olive oil and chick peas are as ancient as the land itself. However, with Lebanese people now living all over the world many have begun incorporating local flavours and ingredients into their secret family recipes. This has seen traditional dishes embracing local influences like never before, putting a modern twist on ancient classics with delicious results, such as lobster hommus and kale fattoush.

best lebanese takeaway sydney

Award winning taste

Lebanese food has enjoyed an almost underground following for many years; however, with our restaurants now starting to win industry awards it seems that the cat is finally out of the bag. From New York City restaurant Ilili taking home the coveted Five Star Diamond Award this year to our very own Manoosh Pizzeria dominating Menulog’s Best Takeaway Restaurant category recently, it seems that Lebanese food finally has the attention of discerning modern diners.

Redefining pizza

It is fair to say that Lebanese food has now become part of mainstream cuisine worldwide, from food trucks in Toronto right through to fine dining in Paris, though one of its greatest areas of influence has been in the world of pizza. While pizza is certainly nothing new to Lebanese people – after all, we have eaten manoosh (a type of flatbread with za’atar and olive oil) for thousands of years – our ancient spices and flavours have proved to be the perfect complement for the modern pizza. No longer is it uncommon to see pepperoni pizza being sold alongside lahembajin and pizza lovers are discovering that combinations such as mozzarella and haloumi are indeed a match made in heaven.

best lebanese pizza sydney

If you are one of the few who has yet to discover modern or traditional Lebanese food prepare yourself for a life-changing experience, and no one puts a modern spin on an ancient delicacy quite like we do. Stop by Manoosh or order online and treat yourself to the best modern Lebanese cuisine in Sydney. We guarantee you will be glad that you did.

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