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Australia’s Most Popular Pizza Toppings, Ranked

Would you like to know the most popular pizza toppings in Australia?

Although pizza originated in Italy, it has crossed time and space (and geographical boundaries!) to become one of the most popular cuisines in the world. And here down under, pizza reigns as the favourite takeaway option nationwide. In 2017 alone, we Aussies ate more than 4 million pizzas! Just what exactly are people ordering? What are the leading pizza toppings in the country? Let’s find out.

1. Cheese topping

What type of pizza is most popular in Australia? It turns out that Margarita pizza, with its fresh tomato, kalamata olives, oregano, and mozzarella cheese topping far outranked all other pizzas to take the crown as Australia’s most popular pie. Created in 1899 and widely considered to be the original pizza, this tried-and-tested humble pizza continues to dominate as Australia’s pizza of choice.

2. Pineapple and bacon topping

The second most-favoured pizza is the pineapple-and-ham laden Hawaiian pizza. Pizza connoisseurs have been debating for years whether the tangy fruit deserves to be used as a topping. Regardless of this heated argument, what’s clear is that we Aussies love our Hawaiian pizza, because hey, who doesn’t love a double smoked leg ham on pizza right?

3. Pepperoni

The perfectly charred pepperoni came in at a respectable third place. It is hard to beat our Pepperoni Burst pizza, with its stringy mozzarella cheese and crispy meat, all stacked on a tomato sauce base. Pepperoni is American cured salami that found its way onto pizza and has been a hit topping ever since.

4. Six Meats aka “Meat lovers”

Meat lovers pizza is completely different from the original Italian pizza which was totally vegetarian, that is garlic, cheese and basil, with no sauce. Our famous Six Meats pizza features slow-cooked tender beef, smoked leg ham, pepperoni, chicken breast, smoked chorizo, sujuk beef sausage all topped with mozzarella and all loaded on either a BBQ or tomato sauce base. This dish is popular for a reason – it’s pizza with all the meat you can eat!

5. BBQ chicken

The idea of having BBQ chicken pizza was a strange one back in 1985 when it first came out. However, today this is not the case. BBQ chicken breast, white onion, mozzarella, button mushrooms topped with BBQ sauce and shallots on a light tomato base all make for a classic Manoosh BBQ chicken pizza.

6. Super Supreme

As the name suggests, supreme is a type of pizza loaded with all of life’s good things: pepperoni, smoked leg ham, smoked chorizo, mushroom, white onion, kalamata olives, capsicum, pineapple, all topped with mozzarella, oregano and garlic olive oil. Nothing says pizza quite like this supreme and delicious Manoosh dish.

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