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Manoosh Are Plating Up Some of The Best Lebanese Cuisine in Sydney

At Manoosh we are absolutely obsessed with Lebanese cuisine. It’s a rare kind of food that is both healthy and delicious, and it’s extremely versatile with a range of options from sweet to savoury, catering to vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. Traditional Lebanese cuisine has snuck its way into modern Australian food culture in a number of ways. Our take on it is a selection of casual Lebanese street food, ranging from our delicious Lebanese pizzas and traditional man’oushe to falafel or shawarma wraps, kabbeh and baklava. Let’s have a look at some of what we believe to be some of the best Lebanese cuisine in Sydney.

what to eat with tabbouleh

Are you on the hunt for Lebanese cuisine in Sydney? Look no further than Manoosh. Let’s have a look at some of the delicious Lebanese food we have to offer.


Traditional Lebanese man’oushe is very much like our version of pizza. People classify it simply as baked flatbread topped with fresh ingredients such as za’atar, tomato, mint, lifft (pickled turnip), ground meat and cheese. It is usually smaller than a traditional pizza, good for easy folding, and the dough can either be rolled very thin or kept thick for smaller servings. Traditionally man’oushe is only been topped with za’atar – a combination of herbs and spices, prominently thyme – and oil. Delicious Lebanese cuisine!

lebanese cuisine


Sujuk is Lebanese sausage dating back to ancient times. Many people liken it to salami due its high fat content. Sujuk is traditionally made from ground beef, but other meats, such as pork, mutton, and even horse meat are known to be used. The meat is then combined with delicious spices like garlic, cumin, sumac and red pepper before being prepared inside a sausage casing. We put it on our pizzas but it is delicious on its own too!

lebanese cuisine in sydney


Kebbeh is made from burghul (a type of cracked wheat), diced onion, ground meat (usually lamb), chopped pine nuts and an array of spices that range from salt and pepper to cumin, cayenne and cinnamon. These ingredients are thoroughly combined and sometimes eaten raw, though it is more commonly formed into small cylinders, fried and eaten with a side of hommus. We also offer a vegan version of the dish – pumpkin kebbeh.

lebanese cuisine in sydney


Lebanese cuisine is famous for its fresh and healthy ingredients, with our salads a particular highlight, and none have a more fanatical following than tabbouleh. Made from bulgur (a type of wheat), parsley, fresh tomatoes and seasonings such as lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, tabbouleh is as fresh and tasty as it is good for you. Whether you are in Beirut or Bondi, nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a bowl of freshly made tabbouleh.

the secret of terrific tabbouleh


This legendary Lebanese cuisine is made from chick peas that are soaked, ground and combined with a variety of spices that often includes cumin, coriander, chilli and garlic. This heavenly mixture is then formed into balls and fried until golden and crispy. Falafel makes an ideal snack (especially when dipped in hommus) or for something a little more substantial add a few falafel balls to a pita with your favourite vegetables and a drizzling of tahini for a filling lunch or dinner. Our falafel wraps are the best in Sydney.

fallen for falafel manoosh pizza sydney


While baklava is believed to have been created by the Assyrians of Mesopotamia sometime around the 8th Century BC, every culture in the region has their own special version, including the Lebanese. Our baklava is sweet, flaky and we have dozens of different types – each one typically includes multiple layers of super thin pastry, a filling of chopped walnuts, pine nuts or almonds, and a drizzling of honey on top. Our baklava is vegan too.

everybody loves baklava

Haloumi pie

You might think that a haloumi pie might not work all that well. Traditional cyprus haloumi is dense and crispy when cooked, and while it is a delicious dish in many different dishes, in a pie it might not be best filling. However, Lebanese haloumi is woven and stretched into bundles and stored in olive oil, giving it a stringy texture more akin to mozzarella, but with the sharp salty taste of haloumi. Perfect in a pie!

lebanese cuisine in sydney

If you’re on the hunt for Lebanese cuisine in Sydney then look no further than Manoosh. Stop by Manoosh or order online – we guarantee you will be glad that you did. Or if you’re after top quality mobile pizza catering, give us a call.

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