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Retro Pizza Ads That Have Aged Both Wonderfully and Horribly

Retro pizza commercials are a magnificent thing. Pizza is a timeless joy, but the ways people have marketed it have aged both wonderfully and horribly at the same time. From print ads dating back to the 60s to cringey 90s TV commercials, get nostalgic below.

retro pizza ads

Pizza is timeless, but pizza ads are not. From print adverts dating back to the 60s, to cringey 90s TV commercials, get nostalgic below.

Pizza Hut Australia – 1992

Pizza Hut – 1977

Pizza Hut – 1965

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee – 1960s

Domino’s – 1985

Straw Hat Pizza Ad – 1970’s

Domino’s – 1980’s

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee – 1960’s

Pizza Hut – 1991

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee – 1960’s

Little Ceaser’s – 1994

Pizza Hut Australia – 1980’s

Pizza Hut – 1960’s

McCain – 1990’s

Pizza Hut – 1980’s

Pizza Hut Australia – 1996

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