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The Manoosh Mascot is Named and Immortalised in Art

To celebrate the success of our new store in Marrickville, we decided to ask our loyal customers and hard working staff to help us come up with a name for our famous, beloved, yet previously unnamed mascot – And we’ve also had him immortalised in a mural on our Marrickville store wall!

Manoosh OoshmanNow you can put a name to that famous cheeky mustachioed face. The Manoosh mascot is named, and has been immortalised in a work of art!

We asked our followers on facebook to help us come up with some suggestions, then the final poll was down to our staff members (of course they have to work with him every day).

We were inundated with suggestions from Facebook. Some brilliant, some less so, some ridiculous, and some were just plain obscene! 🙂

In the end, our staff decided that our faithful mascot shall henceforth be known as:

“The Oosh Man”


We’re extremely proud of the success of our new Marrickville store. It’s all thanks to our hardworking staff, our loyal customers, and of course, The Oosh Man himself. Orders in our new delivery suburbs Earlwood and Wolli Creek are rapidly rising – so if you know any poor souls out there who don’t know the delivery area has expanded, spread the word and let the Manoosh flow.


Why not come and say “Hi” to The Oosh Man in person and  drop by Manoosh, or if the couch is feeling just too comfy at the moment,  order online and let us come to you. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop.

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