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The Way You Eat Pizza Says Loads About Your Personality, According To Body Language Expert

We’re all for diversity here at Manoosh. You’ll find something on our menu no matter what you like to eat, from classic pizzas to, traditional Lebanese food, heaps of vegan and vegetarian options, salads and desserts.

We also have observed over the years that everyone has their own way of eating pizza – some like to fold it and tuck in, others like to eat it with a knife and fork, and there’s those who do things a little different (say, eat the crust first).

The way you like to eat your pizza says loads about your personality, according to body language expert Patti Wood. Which personality type are you?

But did you know that the way you eat your pizza says a lot about your personality? At least, it does according to Patti Wood, a human behaviour expert who teaches at Emory University in the USA (and who the Washington Post has dubbed the “Gold Standard of Body Language Experts”).

According to Wood, “everything you do—and the way you do it—comes together to form a story about yourself,” including the way you tackle a slice of delicious Manoosh on a Saturday night.

She says there are four key character traits that can be identified by your body language, and the way you move and interact: are you a driver, an influencer, a supporter, or a careful corrector?

According to Munchies, the adherence to these behaviour traits is based on the DISC theory of American psychologist William Moulton Marston, which focuses on on dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance.

Cosmopolitan asked Wood to apply this critical approach to the way the people eat pizza. Here’s what she found.

If you tend to fold your pizza before getting stuck in, you are a “driver”, meaning you like to take charge, don’t like to mess around or “waste time”, and don’t necessarily care about following the rules, because for you, “being the best is top priority.”

If you like to eat the crust first, you are an “influencer”, meaning you “like to be dramatic, often talk loudly, and love getting attention through your actions.” You’re a trend setter, and are often to first to say something is cool before the rest of the world does.

If you like to eat it with a knife and fork, Wood says you are a “supporter”, meaning you are steady and stable, the kind of friend everyone needs in their life. You are “system-oriented”, “loyal, reliable, and resilient. And you make great party host!

Lastly, if you like to straight up bite it, you are a “careful corrector”, meaning you are a bit of a perfectionists who “like[s] to go with what you know works so you’re certain to get it right every time.” Wood says you’re also not one to take eating pizza lightly.

So, which one are you? Why don’t you drop by Manoosh or order from us online to find out. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our delicious range of pizzas, Lebanese food, desserts and more!

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